Necci Hairstyle hairdresser salon, has been located for over 60 years in the historic center of Rome, in an ancient building in Via Frattina 38.
In the rooms there are original frescoes of the late sixteenth century.
We are not on the street, we can see via Frattina from above, with its comings and goings and the noise of passersby. Here the noise is muffled, you can relax and take care of yourself. Spaces are large and comfortable, there aren’t showcases, our showcase are you.



  • Cut
  • Styling
  • Perm
  • Hairstyles
  • Highlights
  • Shades
  • Dye
  • Bio-Dye
  • Image consulting
  • Extensions
  • Botox treatment
  • Anti-frizz treatment keratin


We deal with the best brands in the industry.
Products designed exclusively for the care and well-being of all types of skin and hair, composed of organic components from biological and biodynamic production.
Including a wide range of specific shampoo and finish by the excellent value for money.

Our selection of products is constantly updated, in order to always offer the highest quality ‘and innovation.


  • Bruno Necci
    Bruno Necci

    Bruno Necci is a child when he discovers a love of hairdressing profession, so at the tender age of thirteen enters in a beauty salon. Here begins his story, a series of events that leads him to the center of Rome, where he is required by the greatest hairdressers. At only nineteen bought the salon in via Frattina, in the heart of Rome, which immediately became a reference point for the women of the old town. Characters like Celeste Vergottini
    collaborate with him and stars such as Sophia Loren pass between his hands.

  • Massimo Necci
    Massimo Necci

    Massimo Necci, since childhood is intrigued by the crowd and the movement in the salon of his father, so he falls in love with it. He had very clear ideas, he wanted to be a hairdresser and wanted to do it in the best way. At nineteen, he began a series of key travel for his training. The maximum inspiration destination is London, where he met Vidal Sassoon and learns its conception and methodology. All this happens in the eighties, the time of maximum freedom of artistic expression. After the training period becomes image editor.
    His knowledge and expertise allow him to work for top designers such as Versace, Gai Mattiolo, Lancetti and comb the biggest top model of the moment, such as Kate Moss. He then brought his methodology around the world, taking lectures in North America and Latin America, then across Italy.

  • Federico Necci
    Federico Necci

    Federico Necci, a third generation hairdresser, has cultivated his passion since his school days. Through an in-depth study of chemistry and biology, he broadened his professional skills. His experience in London at an Italian/English academy enriched him artistically, while in Moscow he collaborated with Italian brands, bringing innovation to colour. His story is an authentic journey through the art of cutting and the pursuit of perfection.



Necci Hairstyle has born from more than 60 years of experience, passion and innovation.
To transmit this value is our objective, the ABC class is set to lay solid foundations for tomorrow’s new hairstylist.


The hairdresser salon Necci Hairstyle is located in the historic center of Rome, in an ancient building that leaves the cheerful hubbub outside the door, to give space to relax and self-care. Come to visit us!


Opening time:
From Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 a.m to 19.00 p.m .

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